Good Karma!

One day, Me and my friend Becca went to the Syracuse College football game, first we got half price on the tickets and we both looked at eachother thinking that it was “our lucky day!” Thrilled, we went to the consession stands, only then to get a lower price on our snacks we purchased. Again, just a lucky day, we took our seats and the game went extremely well, although Syracuse lost; it was a tough game and a really close play. On our way back home, we were exiting the parking garage, in which usually a woman or man is standing at the exit collecting twenty dollars for parking, when we pulled up to the exit, the man had just walked away, leaving us with free parking! Then, we went to Shirt world in Syracuse and went to go purchase a Syracuse shirt, and just as this day couldn’t have gotten any better… We got a buy one get one free deal. I paid twenty dollars for one shirt just to get another one free! As we left Syracuse, heading back home we stopped at Dunkin Donuts, at dunkin donuts we ordered Coffee and donuts, once the lady told us our price, we pulled up to the drive thru window and as we were just about to pay, the girl said “It’s on the house this time!” This was a very lucky day and we had amazing karma, I guess doing things for other people with nothing in return, really does pay off! 🙂


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