What would you choose?

Would you rather have a number one hit song written about you or inspired by you or A best selling book written or inspired by you?

I would most definitely choose to have a best selling book written about me or inspired by me, because instead of having a 3, 4 or 5 minute song written or inspired by me, I’d rather have a 200 or 300 page book due to the fact that it would go more in depth about my personality, my likes and dislikes, my favorite things, my emotions, my life in general, instead of just writing song lyrics just about how I look or my personality. Books always have a specific theme, whether its Mystery, Horror, Fiction, Non-fiction, Romance, Action, etc. Whether a song could be about anything. Books distract you from whats going on in your everyday life, it allows you to have a minute to yourself in a world that your mind creates. So if their had to be something written about me, I would want it to be a book, an autobiographical novel, because i would want the readers to learn about me and get lost in the book.


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