The world as we know it…

I believe that technology is beginning to control the world. I stumbled across a website showing the most futuristic predictions that ended up coming true and I chose to write about one that stood out to me. I chose technology-assisted telepathy that was successfully demonstrated in humans. Basically with this product a gamer used his or her’s brain signals to transmit them to the other person to play an online computer game. Remarkably, the system allowed the participants to collaborate on the computer game. I mean the significance of this invention is ridiculous. I mean not that long ago the only phone available to get in stores was a small flip phone or a slide phone with a keyboard and not that good of a camera. Now only two or three decades later we have an Iphone 6 plus, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note, Droids, Mac laptops, Ipod touches, phones with HD cameras them, phones that can take videos, go on the internet, etc. Imagine what the world will be like in 20 years from now? It will probably be controlled by technology. If you go around and ask an average person how often they use their phone or how much they need it, they would probably say that they feel naked without their phone, because people have become too technology dependent. We have new cars, phones, computers, ipods, tablets, ipads, etc. coming out new left and right, just imagine what life will be like from this point on. u0y6j6ni7ovzaotodxucbz8knrgxanitmoqxvxxbvtdf0vqdtzl63j7gbylu


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