Justice is served!

images-1I was researching differeAaron_Hernandeznt news articles on CNN.com and one of them really caught my eye. The one about a former New England, Patriots NFL star Aaron Hernandez has been charged with possible murder. They have evidence of it, but what I don’t find right about it is even family that was well associated with Hernandez has also gotten charged with perjury, guilty of association charges, etc. It has said in the article that he has been accused of killing several different people, two in the same night in Boston, Massachusetts and another man about a year later. His friend also says that Hernandez shot him in the face because he said that he disrespected him, he as well caught a charge. Reading this article I have came to the realization that sometimes the justice system is not correct, but other times they are. In this situation, I strongly believe that Hernandez is guilty as charged and should be charged and sentenced with murder in the first degree, but other people who seemed to be affiliated with him, some of them shouldn’t have charges.   24088572_SA


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