Two sentence horror story

I woke up to a picture of me sleeping on my phone. I live alone.


A Job i couldn’t even imagine!

You always get asked as kid; “what do you wanna be when you grow up?” The average child always answers back with; a teacher, a doctor, a vet, a zoologist or a therapist. You never heard someone say that they want to be a “Garbage man” or a “Farmer” or anything the lines of getting “dirty.” One job that I couldn’t even imagine being is an underwater welder.! So many things could go wrong with being an underwater welder. You build bridges under the water or stuff that has to be welded under the water. Especially in Florida, where anything could go wrong underwater. Salt water or fresh water. Examples would be; Shark attacks, oxygen loss, the welding process could go wrong. A thousand and one things that I would absolutely fear. It basically would be a near death experience every single day! Another job that I would fear to be is an electrician. I watched a video the other day in class of a man climbing up a cell phone tower and changing the light bulbs in it. All that would have saved him was a line and a small hook connected to the top of the tower. About 500 feet or so at the top of the cell phone tower, two men stood on a tiny little platform and proceeded to change the light bulb. That right there would be absolutely terrifying! Anything could go wrong at any point in time.! That is a job i couldn’t even imagine having! Scary huh?!